All participants, regardless of citizenship, may participate. Must be a member of the Oak Grove Racing, Gaming & Hotel Players Club. Membership is free.

Swipe your Oak Grove Players Club Card at the promotional kiosk starting on Fridays in September at 8am until Wednesday January 5th, 2022 at 11:59PM of the same week.

Each week of the Pro Football Regular Season, Players Club members will be able to complete their picks at any promotional kiosk beginning at 8am on Fridays prior to that week’s games. Members will be able to complete their selections up to 11:59pm each Wednesday of the Pro Football Season. Limit one entry per club member per drawing date.

Weekly Prize Structure

1st Place- $250 Free Play                       5th Place-$75 Free Play

2nd Place-$200 Free Play                       6th-10th Place-$50 Free Play

3rd Place-$150 Free Play                        11th-15th Place-$25 Free Play

4th Place-$100 Free Play                         16th-20th Place-$10 Free Play


Season Prize Structure

1st Place-$1,000 Cash                      7th Place-$200 Free Play

2nd Place-$750 Free Play               8th-10th Place-$150 Free Play

3rd Place-$500 Free Play               11th-20th Place-$100 Free Play

4th Place-$400 Free Play               21st-30th Place-$75 Free Play

5th Place-$300 Free Play                31st-40th Place-$50 Free Play

6th Place-$250 Free Play                41st-50th Place-$25 Free Play