Jackpot Party

Members who win a jackpot from 8:00am on April 1st, 2022 through 4:00AM on April 30th, 2023 may receive a digital entry for each jackpot.

Entries will be cataloged with their account number and imported into the MGT electronic drawing system (E-Draw).

Members must swipe their Players Club card at any promotional kiosk on Friday, May 12th beginning at 4pm to activate their digital entries and be present to win.
6pm- Ten Winners of $50 Free Play
7pm- Ten Winners of $100 Free Play
8pm- Ten Winners of $200 Free Play
9pm- Five Winners of $500 Free Play
10pm- Two Winners of $1,000 Free Play
11pm- One Winner of $5,000 Free Play
Unclaimed prizes from the 6pm-10pm drawings will not be redrawn. Grand Prize will be redrawn until a winner claims.

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